Computer Hardware – Nvidia 57X and 58X

We’ve raved around the GF11X that lives underneath the vapor-cooled copper and aluminum block of each the GeForce GTX58X and GTX57X; it’s the finest pieces of Nvidia’s Fermi (GF100), with the unwanted heat (largely) removed and racket just about entirely silenced. Other GF11X adjustments involve the capacity to filter two times the FP16 pixels per cycle as opposed to the GF 100, and it has a brand new Z-culling/rejection algorithm for superior rendering in video games. The transistors that construct the very complex GTX58X and 57X GPUs are also substantially less leaky than the ones of the GF100. dx11 feature level 10 download Like Nvidia’s current DX11 graphics cards, this pair supports Nvidia Surround multi-display technology and 3d Vision (SLI mandatory for both), as well as PhysX, SLI, and CUDA-based GPU processing.

Fermi 2. 0 Numbers
The GF11X in Nvidia’s reference GeForce GTX58X includes a full supplement of 16 Sms enabled, which allows it 512 CUDA processors, 64 texture units, and 48 ROPs. The GeForce GTX57X employs the same GF11X, but with 15 active Sms, for 480 CUDA processors, 60 texture units, and 40 ROPs. Ram bandwidth on the GTX58X is 192. 4GBps, in comparison to the GTX57X’s 152GBps. The former owes its larger spec to the 384-bit bus and quicker 1536MB GDDR5 frame buffer, cycled at 1002MHz. The GTX57X’s 1280MB frame buffer runs on a 320-bit bus and is cycled at 950MHz. The reference GTX58X and 57X feature processor cycles of 772MHz and 732MHz, respectively, but as you’ll find, there’s still space for development. The GTX58X is presently the quickest single-GPU graphics card a person can purchase, and, in spite of a somewhat slower ram subsystem, the GTX57X performs right on par with GTX 480 but is priced considerably less. At this time, there weren’t many non-reference GTX58Xs and 57Xs obtainable, but the ones we could get our fingers on performed very well. Continue reading to see if any of these graphics gorillas meet your needs.

How Did We Test?
Our screening computer consists of a 3.33 Gigahertz Intel processor i7-980X (Extreme-Edition), Gigabyte X58, 6 Gigs of Patriot Sector 7, a 128 Gig Patriot Zephyr Drive, and an Antec TruePower Quattro 1200 power supply. The computer runs Windows 7 64-bit. We ran the cards’ raw tessellation abilities using Unigine Heaven; synthetic gaming prowess with 3DMark 11’s Extreme setting; and real-world DirectX 9/10.1/11 gaming functionality using Left 4 Dead 2, Just Cause 2, and Aliens versus Predator. We used the most current Nvidia drivers out there at the time of this article, ForceWare version 263.09.

Evga GeForce GTX57X “Supercycled”
Evga’s GeForce GTX57X Supercycled doesn’t appear to be much of a contender at first glance, and like Zotac’s GTX58X AMP!, its PCB design and cooling device are centered on Nvidia’s reference style. That doesn’t hold it back, however; the stock GTX57X is cool, noiseless, and a great performer. Evga did a little messing around when it comes to the processor and ram cycles, increasing them to 797MHz and 975MHz, respectively. As with the original cards, the backplane includes twin DVI ports and a mini HDMI port. A couple of SLI fittings and two 6pin PCIE power fittings can be uncovered on the top edge of the card. Evga packages the GTX57X Supercycled with a driver cd, Evga Precision overcycleing application, a mini-HDMI-to-HDMI adapter, DVIto-VGA adapter, and a couple of 6pin PCIE power adapters. With this one, you even get Evga’s 24/7 technical assistance and a limited life time warranty. In the benchmarks, Evga’s 65MHz processor push is sufficient to show substantial gains on the reference card and also outpace the lower-cycled GTX57X from M.S.I. Selling for noticeably less than the initial MSRP, Evga’s Supercycled 57X is a good buy for gaming lovers.

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