Designer Dog Collars and Comfort

Primarily, dog collars are intended to keep control of your pet; however that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun! There are a wide variety of designer dog collars to choose from on the market to ensure your pooch looks thoroughly stylish running around the local park.

A significant point to consider however is comfort, because no matter how great the collar looks to you, an uncomfortable collar means an uncomfortable hound. When you are looking for a new collar, be sure to check that there are no rough or itchy areas that could rub at the neck. Copper kettle Remember that your dog will have to wear the collar for long periods at a time, perhaps even all day, so make certain that it is not going to cause abrasion.

The collar will also need to be a snug fit, so measure the size of your dogs neck and then add about 1-2 inches to allow for movement. Always measure your dog whilst he is standing up, as a sitting position can provide an unrealistic measurement.

Try feeling all over the collar for bumps and potential areas of harm to your dog. Many designer collars will have jewellery either affixed to them or dangling off, these again are another area of possible concern if your pet swallows the offending item.

Ultimately, only you will know what your dog can tolerate so always consider his needs above the latest fashion! There is no reason why you should have to choose pain over comfort in today’s designer dog collar market.

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