Helpful Tips or Cis-hetero Male To Enjoy Casual Sex With TS-women

In the majority of trans-dating articles, you will read dialogues that center around the alleged lack of acceptance and loneliness TS-women receive from cis-men. These realities exist but some men are attracted to TS-women. They are concerned about being judged, so they cannot openly confess their attraction towards TS-women. Even TS-women are attracted to men.

Some alpha women hardly fit within the framework of femininity and masculinity. They feel ashamed of being submissive or docile towards men they are attracted to. They hate to pretend to be damsel but are pressurized to prove their womanhood by cushioning their manhood.

Mutual attraction circumstances of an alpha woman with trans-attracted men are the same and can turn to be a chaotic process. This kind of understanding can make it easy for alpha women to chase a healthy sexual encounter with cis-men but there is still some apprehension.

If you are interested in a Trans, there are some things you as a guy need to understand, especially when you desire a compatible sexual partner.

Helpful tips for a cis-hetero male to enjoy casual sex with TS-women

  • Alpha women experience social anxiety in what guys like and don’t like. So, as a guy never stress yourself on deciding what she prefers because of her gender identity. Relax and gently find out together. Remember, your ex-partners will not be hers. There may be some boundaries, which you don’t like but respect it. The aim is to enjoy and feel comfortable doing so.
  • Some pre-op TS women struggle with dysphoria while participating in sexual encounters. Check her comfort level before jumping in dialogues about her changed body. Ask her likes and dislikes, it reveals that her bliss is as crucial as yours.
  • Stick to standard compliments related to her clothes, smile, and hair. Never use phrases like ‘You look like a real woman’! Backhanded compliments can deeply trigger alpha women pushing her into dysphoria.
  • Never say that engaging sexually with her makes you feel gay. Basically, she is a female and so you are not gay. There is a huge difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. Labels are never limited to self-discovery. Do your research!
  • TS-women are not curious about your masculinity but are interrogating their own womanhood. The stringent protocols in society regarding gender-based expressions do not apply to them. The only thing a trans-woman is going to judge is how caring you are towards their needs.
  • If you are into TS-women for just a fling, then keep it clear and honest. Give her low blood pressure but not heartache!

TS-women are not inanimate objects. They are human, so trans-attracted cis-men need to honor her dignity and follow the tips mentioned above.

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