Outdoor Basketball Hoop – Inground Or Portable?

Basketball is a game that can be enjoyed outdoors in warmer months. Players can reap the benefits of being physically active in the fresh air and sunshine, while getting the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. Outdoor basketball hoops are available in a couple of different styles. Whether you are interested in inground or portable ones, you will be able to find a type that suits your needs.

One example of an inground outdoor basketball hoop is the Slam. This option combines the attractive features of durability and adjustability in a product that is affordable for family use. Adjusting the Slam is easy; all you need to do is remove the pin from the back of the unit and lift the handle until you reach the height you want. Then replace the pin. You can adjust the height in six-inch increments, as desired.

The Legend Jr. is another example of an inground outdoor basketball hoop. Both the post and extension arm are made from 5″ square 3/16″ tubular steel. The unit is designed for maximum durability to stand up to wear and tear, and the elements. This is considered a fixed height basketball goal, but users do have the option of bolting the extension arm at any height along the post they choose basketball legends .

Not all outdoor basketball games are played on the court! For a hoop that you can use when you want to play in the swimming pool, look to the HydroSport. This is a stylish and affordable product that can be secured to the pool deck with the stainless steel anchor bolts provided with the unit. The HydroSport is a fixed-height basketball goal, but the bolts can be loosened and reattached at the height of your choice along the post.

The Rollajam portable outdoor basketball hoop is an example of a product designed for use by people interested in playing basketball in their own driveways or patio areas. Use the crank to adjust the height from 10′ down to 7′ for younger players or those who are new to the game. It is equipped with padding around the post for safety reasons, and can be rolled into a garage easily for storage.

For a higher-quality portable outdoor basketball hoop system, consider the RollaJam. This option is also adjustable between 7 and 10′ and is appropriate for players of all ages. To move the unit to a different position, you retract the post and wait for it to pitch backward. The unit will then lower down onto the transport wheel. It can be rolled into a garage for storage, and is compact enough to fit through a set of double doors. The RollaJam is outfitted with a post pad at the front to guard against injuries.

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