To Kill A Parasite – The Dawn of the Parasite Zapper

The idea of a parasite zapper is not a new idea. In the middle of the last century, Royal Rife discovered that electricity could kill parasites. He came to this understanding because of his dark field microscope, a powerful diagnostic tool that could see bacteria and viruses.

A Second Wind

Unfortunately, his invention got him into trouble when his disease curing discoveries conflicted with the vested interest of the day. For many years after his death, his ideas about parasites and disease lay dormant. Then Dr. Hulda Clark, a private researcher, came on the scene buy parasite machine .

Extraordinary Vision Deja Vu

Hulda Clark also had a powerful diagnostic tool that could “see” parasites. She called it the synchrometer, which was a device that operated on hearing resonance. With this device, she reaffirmed Royal Rife’s ideas about the destruction of parasites. Her protocol, like Royal Rife’s, also contemplated health cures that got her into trouble with the establishment.

Fate or Destiny?

Hulda Clark used a frequency generator to kill parasites at first but soon discovered, quite by accident, that a positive offset square wave generator could kill all parasites across the board. Thus the Zapper was born.

An Effective Defensive Weapon

The parasite zapper is a powerful and effective tool in the war against bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Consistent use can produce the edge needed to overcome many diseases, which Hulda Clark found parasites to be causative in. In her book, The Cure For All Diseases, she describes her theory of disease and gives instructions on how to combat parasites, pollution, and build your own zapper.

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